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Another focus of our personnel-development activities is on identifying and promoting young management potential. To obtain top potential, WACKER implements a uniform process that encompasses all leadership levels. Responsibility for the process is shared by the Executive Personnel (OFK) and Human Resources departments and the managers of the units directly affected.

We have specific executive-development programs for each of our three target groups: employees on the standard and above-standard payscales, and executive personnel (OFKs).

Participation in development programs is determined by groupwide successor planning, annual performance reviews and employee interests. Thus, standard-payscale employees who are proposed or apply for a position as shift leader or certified industrial foreperson can attend a Potential Analysis Workshop. Above-standard-payscale employees with outstanding track records have the opportunity to attend a Management Development Center, which singles out and promotes their strengths.

University graduates can join WACKER’s 18-month General Management Trainee Program (GTP). This program has an excellent reputation, as can be seen in the high number of well-qualified graduates who wish to enroll. In 2009, five university graduates participated in the program, and another five in 2010. WACKER launched its trainee program back in 1997; since then, 67 graduates have completed management training. After an orientation phase, the trainees work for three to six months on various projects that often involve periods spent abroad. Siltronic had a separate trainee program that was discontinued in 2009 because of the economic situation.

Two executive-development programs are available to WACKER employees who have been recommended for them: the Focus Program for above-standard-payscale candidates for OFK executive positions, and the OFK Management Circle for recently appointed executives. Participants in these one-year programs learn self-development and management skills. In 2010, we made both these programs available to non-German participants for the first time. In the 2008/2009 period, 14 potential young managers completed the Focus Program, and 13 in 2010/2011. Fourteen newly appointed executives completed the OFK Management Circle.

WACKER offers experienced executives a program called OFK General Management Compact. It comprises modules in strategy, leadership and change management. Up to 2009, 28 executives had attended this program. It is currently being revised for relaunch in 2012.

For several years, WACKER has been involved in Munich’s cross-mentoring program to help prepare women with management potential for leadership positions, with the aim of increasing the number of women in top management. This program involves an experienced manager acting as mentor to a female mentee at another company. Three young female WACKER employees with management potential attended the program in 2009 and another three in 2010. WACKER OFK executives in turn act as mentors to other companies’ mentees.

In 2009, a development program for experienced middle-management staff received the “Chief Learning Officer” award from the German trade journal “wirtschaft + weiterbildung.” The Management Experts program is designed for executives over the age of 50, with the aim of maintaining performance at a high level during the second half of their career. Up to 2009, 12 executives had participated in this program.

All WACKER’s managerial staff, whatever their level, receive feedback on their management style when they hold annual performance reviews with their employees.

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