Business Principles

WACKER plays an active role in the worldwide Responsible Care® initiative and strictly adheres, as a matter of course, to legal regulations and its own supplementary policy rules. These commitments form the basis of our business principles:

  • Each employee assumes responsibility for quality, health, safety and environmental protection, as well as for ongoing improvements in these areas. To this end, we regularly set targets and ensure they are met.

  • Worldwide, we supply high-quality products that can be distributed, used and disposed of safely and in an environmentally compatible way.

  • We continually expand our knowledge about our existing and newly developed products. We also adjust our health, safety and environmental measures to incorporate any new insights.

  • We ensure the safe handling of products and residues in our manufacturing processes. We minimize resource consumption, emissions and waste.

  • Generally speaking, employees are themselves responsible for their own health. To help them, we introduce measures and programs that promote, maintain and restore health.

  • We work to persuade our business associates to adopt our standards for quality, health, safety and environmental protection. We insist that all subcontractors working at our locations adhere to our regulations.

  • Safety is a top priority at every site. We systematically enhance plant and workplace safety, as well as health protection. We take preventive action and maintain effective emergency response systems to counter potential risks.

  • We create and promote a climate of mutual trust through ongoing open dialog with our employees, customers and suppliers, as well as with our neighbors, the authorities and the general public.

  • We observe legal regulations. The applicable procedures and the way we define and implement our own supplementary standards are described in our Integrated Management System for quality, health, safety and environmental protection. This system is based on internationally valid standards and takes customer needs fully into account.

  • Basic and advanced training sensitizes our employees to the importance of observing, and empowers them to successfully implement, our business principles.

Our voluntary commitments and business principles are an expression of what we value. They complement our corporate vision, which is to:

  • Be a preferred partner to our customers,
  • Create a pleasant working environment for our employees, and
  • Meet our responsibilities to society.