Major Markets and Competitive Positions

The competitive positions of WACKER’s four biggest divisions in terms of sales were unchanged in 2015. We rank among the world’s top three suppliers, and we are the global market leader for some products, such as VINNAPAS® dispersible polymer powders for the construction industry. Asia is the key sales region for our products, followed by Europe and the Americas.

WACKER’s Competitive Positions




Number 1


Number 2


Number 3










Dow Corning







(dispersible polymer powders / VAE dispersions)


Akzo Nobel (Elotex)
(dispersible polymer powders) / Celanese (dispersions)


(dispersible polymer powders / dispersions)















Market Positions of WACKER’s Divisions

WACKER SILICONES ranks a strong number 2 in the silicones market worldwide, and leads the market in Europe. We are the global market leader for building-protection silicones. Offering a wide range of properties, silicones are used in every major industry. The largest growth potential lies in Asia, where rising living standards are boosting demand for silicone products.

WACKER POLYMERS is the world’s largest producer of dispersions and dispersible polymer powders based on vinyl acetate-ethylene. Importantly, we are the only company in the market to have a complete supply chain for dispersions and powders in Europe, the Americas and Asia. In this market, too, we see the largest potential for growth in Asia. WACKER POLYMERS supplies not only the construction industry, but also the textile, adhesive, paint, surface-coating and carpet sectors.

WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS is the global market leader in cyclodextrins and cysteine, and in polyvinyl acetate solid resins for gumbase. In the field of bacterial pharmaceutical protein production, we hold small but promising market positions that we are continually expanding. Acquired in 2014, Scil Proteins Production GmbH provides us with a platform for this development. This acquisition was merged into Wacker Biotech GmbH in early 2015.

WACKER POLYSILICON operates in an intensely competitive and high volume-growth environment, chiefly shaped by solar-industry demand for polysilicon and market trends in the global solar sector. WACKER POLYSILICON is number two in the world in terms of production capacity. Our sales volume was more than 55,000 metric tons in 2015.

Siltronic is the world’s third-largest manufacturer of silicon wafers and other products for the semiconductor industry. Its customers include all the major global semiconductor companies, which account for over 80 percent of our sales in this segment.