WACKER Communicates Closely with Capital Markets

Key elements of our corporate strategy include organic growth, investment in promising markets, and reduction of capital intensity across all segments. These priorities are reinforced through continuous and open communication with institutional and private investors and with analysts.

On many occasions, Executive Board members attended events in person to answer questions from capital-market participants. There were 20 roadshows with a total of 35 roadshow days in Germany, Europe, the USA and Asia. We held about 600 meetings in total, both in person and by telephone, as well as some 160 group discussions, and we participated in various international conferences. WACKER gave presentations at the following events, among others:

  • HSBC Sustainability Conference SRU / Cleantech in Frankfurt
  • Nomura Global Chemical Industry Leaders Conference in London
  • Commerzbank German Mid-Cap Investment Conference in New York / Boston
  • Deutsche Bank: German, Swiss and Austrian Conference in Berlin
  • Warburg Highlights in Hamburg
  • Commerzbank Sector Conference, Chemicals & Life Sciences in Frankfurt
  • Credit Suisse Global Chemicals and Agriculture Conference in London
  • UBS Best of Germany Conference in New York
  • Baader Investment Conference in Munich
  • Goldman Sachs / Berenberg German Corporate Conference in Munich
  • UBS European Conference in London
  • Sanford C. Bernstein 12 th Annual European Strategic Decisions Conference in London
  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch: European Chemicals Conference in London
  • German Equity Forum in Frankfurt